Show us your stabbings..

.. new community, opened by myself: join flesh_and_metal - show off your piercings, discuss new metal, anything! Come check it out.

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.. new community, opened by myself: join <lj comm="flesh_and_metal"> - show off your piercings, discuss new metal, anything! Come check it out.

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I have just thought of this, and joined! I <3 LJ! It seems that I get on lj half of my time online. I love it, anybody else feel the same way?
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LJ Addict Survey!

Hey, I'm writing an article about LiveJournal for a class. Would anyone be interested in filling out a little survey for me? Post your answers here or send me an e-mail at Thanks!

1. How old are you?
2. Do you consider yourself a LiveJournal addict? (I'm assuming so, if you're part of this community, but feel free to say otherwise if you don't think you really are an addict)
3. How often do you post on livejournal in a week?
4. What do you usually post about?
5. How often do you check LiveJournal in a day?
6. Why do you check this often?
7. What makes you want to post in LiveJournal?
8. How often do you post surveys, memes, or quiz results in a week?
9. Why do you think Livejournal is so addictive?

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Members should feel free to post lyrics of any song imaginable, including songs you've made up yourself.
show tunes, disney songs, silly songs, childrens songs, sad songs, pop songs, rock songs, country songs, jazz songs, terrible songs, rare songs, popular songs, folk songs, love songs, theme songs, fun songs, cheesy songs, [etc...] ALL SONGS ARE EMBRACED HERE, so post whichever and whatever songs you'd like, no matter the level of ridiculousness.

Daffo Jill

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I wasn't really sure if this is the kinda thing to post here but I'll give it a go.

Does anyone know the html to align a picture to the right of the screen instead ofto the left or centered?
sora by booster_rocket

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OK has anyone got any idea on whether you can translate entries of friends so you can actually understand what they're writing? Cause I have one LJ friend who's German, and I don't understand a single word she's saying... so if anyone knows how to do that, please tell me!!
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